Need a Getaway? Let’s Build A Backyard Oasis for Your Home

Whether you're stuck at home with the children or you've been working at the office all day, everyone needs a place they can relax. What better way than to build a backyard oasis. To be in the outdoor living area you made your own. "With the right accessories, you can enjoy your outdoor 'home just [...]

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Dekalb County Police Fallen Officers Memorial

Today we're looking back at a monument we made in 2017. Every year, DeKalb County has a ceremony for their officers lost in the line of duty. In 2017, DeKalb County Police decided to honor their officers in a memorial monument. Police Memorials are a lasting tribute to officers who sacrificed their lives protecting others. [...]

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Need a New Look? We do Commercial Signage for Subdivisions & Neighborhoods!

By Marjenee Shinholster April 22nd, 2020   When you're driving and looking out the window, do you ever catch yourself staring at all the neighborhood signs you pass? Signs stand out as a representation of the area behind them. It's important to get a clear understanding from that sign alone about the environment. What type [...]

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Honoring MLK: MLK Coalition Monument

By Marjenee Shinholster April 10th, 2020   A  leader, a hero, a devout christian and a family man. There are so many more qualities and titles that come to mind when thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. The biggest title is revolutionary.  At the Engraving House, we take much pride in honoring Martin Luther King [...]

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The Engraving House Purchases Giles Marble Works

The Engraving House has acquired Giles Marble Works. Giles Marble Works has been serving Dekalb County and much of Georgia since 1951. The company was built on the principals of providing quality craftsmanship, and an outstanding customer experience. Today Giles Marble Works is recognized as one of the leading stone companies in Georgia. [...]

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