By Marjenee Shinholster

April 22nd, 2020


When you’re driving and looking out the window, do you ever catch yourself staring at all the neighborhood signs you pass? Signs stand out as a representation of the area behind them. It’s important to get a clear understanding from that sign alone about the environment.

What type of things are we paying attention to? Lettering, Boldness, Lighting, and Cleanliness. All four are highly important to how we perceive not only the sign but also the neighborhood behind it.

LetteringCommercial Gallery Image

We want to make sure our sign can be read from close up and far away. Creating a sign with cursive can not only be difficult to create, but also makes it extremely hard to read from a distance. Clear fonts and bold lettering is the best way of lettering signs.


We all love bold and unique things, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for with signage as well! Looking to see different fonts, colors and styles of creating something people pass by everyday. Something bold is a great way to grab the interest of people looking out the window as they drive past.

Commercial Gallery ImageLighting

When we’re on our way home from work, it’s a beautiful sight to see the neighborhood sign and know you’re so close to your front door. It’s important for homeowners to see the sign whether it is day or night. Some different ways to go about setting up proper lighting include Custom LEDs, overhead gooseneck lights, LED floodlights, or solar panel lighting.


When we are looking into buying a home, we take the time to check out the neighborhood sign and see if it’s clean and well kept. If it’s not, we feel as though the property managers aren’t taking care of the area itself, leaving a bad impression on what was first interest.


We all want to come home to the perfect sign welcoming us. Why wait to make that change?

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