The decision how you remember a loved one is not to be taken lightly. And when you factor in all the other arrangements you are making, it’s best hold off choosing headstone, monument, or grave marker for a few months.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware this is even an option. And in some cases, families are told they must made as they are making funeral arrangements. Beware of sales pitches which require “on the spot” decisions or “package offers” which involve financing plans. Typically, decisions made in these circumstances leave the family with feelings of regret and remorse over the choices they made and the price they paid for their loved one’s memorial.

Inform, Educate, and Equip

At the Engraving House, our first objective is to inform, educate, and equip our clients. We take time to answer our client’s questions during the initial consultation. So when the family is ready, we explore all the design elements so they are confident when choosing a headstone, monument, or grave marker. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients create the perfect memorial for their loved one.

Unlike a cemetery or a funeral home which acts as a broker, the Engraving House manufactures all our memorials. As a result, you eliminate the middle-man mark-up you experience in funeral package pricing. We source all our materials locally and produce headstones, gravestones and grave markers, and monuments in Lithonia Georgia and ship throughout the US. 

Worry-Free Experience

Once the design has been selected, our clients have a worry-free experience. They know the Engraving House has confirmed their headstone, monument, or grave marker meets the regulations and guidelines of the cemetery and that we will coordinate every element of the installation. We can even create a temporary grave marker which will remain until the permanent memorial has been installed.

Contact Us Today

Everything begins with an initial consultation, and there is no charge for that. Contact Troy Vincent, the owner of the Engraving House, today to schedule a call or an appointment. Troy will answer all your questions and help you design the perfect memorial to honor your loved one. 

Troy Vincent: 770-482-6546 and