By Marjenee Shinholster

April 10th, 2020


A  leader, a hero, a devout christian and a family man. There are so many more qualities and titles that come to mind when thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. The biggest title is revolutionary. 

At the Engraving House, we take much pride in honoring Martin Luther King Jr. We created a monument reading of his words, his actions and his titles. Our team wants to thank the Carrollton MLK Coalition for giving us such an opportunity to be part of the community and his remembrance.

It is very important to honor someone with quality and precision. With such a special project that hit close to home for our team, we wanted to create the perfect monument to respect this powerful man. We want to show you our process of setting it where it will be for a very long time to come.

MLK Step1

The Process

The first step is to set the foundation on the ground. This helps the monument be steady, firm in its place, as well as even on the earth. A bad foundation could create many problems. Eventually it could tilt the monument, slide on the ground, and could crack the foundation itself. 

The second step is to lay the base. This step is just as important as it’s what the monument will be centered on. The base needs to be solid MLK Step2against the foundation. It needs to have an even balance against the foundation and the ground. This is for itself and the monument to not be too heavy on the foundation. The base evens out the weight of the monument onto more surface area of the foundation, making it able to last longer under a lot of tension.

MLK Step3

The third step is adding the monument. The most important task is putting the monument evenly on the base to spread the weight and not cause future damage to the base or foundation. We make sure that all layers are flat against each other and nothing is creating an unbalance.


The Final Vision

We love being able to look back on our work and see the quality and hard effort we put into our pieces. The best part of looking back on our work is seeing the appreciation from our customers. We then know that we honored their loved ones in the best way we could.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. monument was unveiled in Courthouse Park at the MLK Parade in Carrollton, Georgia on Martin Luther King Day, January 20th, 2020. This memorial monument was presented by the MLK Coalition and Evangelist Lorie Bell and Pastor Bradley Bell. The monument base is surrounded by commemorative bricks and sponsors are inscribed on the monument base.

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